2 Professionalism and journalism education

  • Aljazeera Media Training and Development Center. Website available in English and Arabic.

Media training in the Arabian context. The website introduces several media courses, and materials for the use of professionals and media educators.

BBC Academy is a British journalism training and development site. The Academy focuses on providing a portfolio of high-quality training and development. This includes face-to-face courses, online programmes and a variety of development initiatives.”

  • Deuze, Mark (2006) GLOBAL JOURNALISM EDUCATION, Journalism Studies, 7, 1, pp. 19-34.

The article explores journalism education programs worldwide. Drawing from earlier studies from Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific region and South-America the author discusses the similar issues and challenges that journalism educators are facing in varying contexts.

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development. The OnMedia website includes tutorials and guides on new media and new technologies for journalists.

  • Hanitzsch, Thomas (2011) Populist disseminators, detached watchdogs, critical change agents and opportunist facilitators: Professional milieus, the journalistic field and autonomy in 18 countries. The International Communication Gazette, 73(6) 477–494.

The article maps journalists’ opinions about the function of journalism in society. The data consists of 1800 survey responses of journalists from 18 countries all over the world.

A peer-reviewed, quarterly journal covering the fields of journalism, communication and media studies. The journal includes articles on teaching techniques, new courses and technology. Statistical information on student enrollments and career interests, trends in curriculum design, surveys and opinion polls are featured.

A website of an Australian journalism education project that explored the attitudes of universities and media organisations towards journalism curriculum renewal. The website includes information on e.g. Journalism models: values and practices in convergent journalism and Curriculum Models: Convergent Journalism Learning Outcomes.

The Institute publishes research on four broad themes: the relationship between journalism and democracy, the business of journalism, the evolving practice of journalism, and media policy. The publications include academic articles, reports, working papers and policy briefs and the majority of them are free to download.

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