3 Cross-media and journalism platforms

A handbook for television and radio news broadcasters. The handbook includes many themes such as interviewing, working with sources, sound, visual storytelling, broadcast writing, video editing, law and ethics.

The article addresses the new skills and competences that are needed in multi-modal editorial planning and cross-channel develop-ment of news stories. These developments are then discussed from the point of view of journalism and education.

  • Erdal, Ivar John (2009) REPURPOSING OF CONTENT IN MULTI-PLATFORM NEWS PRODUCTION, Journalism Practice, 3, 2, pp. 178-195.

The article analyses examples of media convergence. The examples concern audiovisual content that travel across media platforms; mainly from television and radio to the Web, but also between radio and television. In conclusion, the article outlines a typology of different forms of repurposing in cross-media news journalism.

  • Erdal, Ivar John (2011) Coming to Terms with Convergence Journalism: Cross-Media as a Theoretical and Analytical Concept, Convergence: The Journal Of Research Into New Media Technologies, 17, 2, pp. 213-223.

The article explores the concept of cross-media by addressing the developments from two perspectives, news work and news texts. The author argues that it is important to distinguish between cross-media communication, and cross-media production processes.

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