8 Democratization and humanitarian/peace journalism

  • Handbook for journalists during elections (Reporters Without Borders) Available in English, French, Arabic, Dari and Pashto:

A handbook produced by Reporters Without Borders and the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) aims at helping journalists assume their responsibilities and cover elections successfully. It is meant for journalists working for media of every category (radio, television, print and online), scale (local, national or international) and form of ownership (state-owned, privately owned or community).

The article introduces a plan for a short course on Peace Journalism. It is suitable for teaching to students of journalism, communications, media and peace and conflict studies. The article argues that the best way to help students to begin thinking about issues in the representation of conflicts is to show them different ways in which the same story can be told.

A handbook for journalists and governments about reporting the acts of corruption published by the United Nations.

The UNESCO Series on journalism education -website includes guidebooks for journalists and journalism educators especially for those working in Africa. Publication topics concern for example democracy, human rights, climate change, and investigative journalism. In addition, there are handbooks and model curricula for journalism education.

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