An interview with Walid Hayouni

Interview with: Walid Hayouni, Academic, teacher of electronic communications at IPSI, University La Manouba, Tunisia

Interviewd by: IPSI, Tunisia


1. Walid believes that the major problems of electronic journalism teaching are summed up in the following points:

  • The time dedicated to the teaching of certain subjects in terms of the number of sessions and numbers of hours per session deserves to be improved.
  • The heterogeneity of backgrounds of students requires teachers to create a balance between students with a journalism curriculum and those from other specialties.
  • A limited number of internships occur during the fourth semester.

2. The ideal model of teaching this type of Master Programme

  • It should be based on the fusion of theoretical and practical aspects of the electronic media. Thus, the work given to students on practical exercises provides real knowledge and applies especially to theoretical knowledge.
  • Also, through practical workshops, the student acquires knowledge related to social networks by applying its customs and its tricks and learning how to get there to find information, how to find its sources of information and how to diversify.
  • Training must also bring students the mastery of techniques to make visible their production while knowing how to respect the rules of ethics.
  • “The outputs of studies and field work seems a solution to develop the professional side in students.” This orientation allows for the needs of the labour market.