Guest Contributors

We are seeking Guest Contributors to enrich the catalogue of good practices in cross-media Journalism!

With the eMEDia catalogue of good practice in cross media journalism, we realize that there are many other cases of good practices in journalism education and many other outstanding experts whose perspectives will greatly enrich the eMEDia project. We are currently seeking for guest contributors and experts to continue this effort, to help grow our catalogue of good practices and add valuable content for our visitors and our community.

How to contribute?
Contributors can be experts, academics, professional journalists, leaders or representative of the media industry. What count more is that you can provide us with insights on innovation in journalism education relevant to the design of the eMEDia master course in cross-media journalism.
The case studies should focus on journalism education practices, i.e. teaching and training digital journalism and/or on good practices related to the awarding of joint/multiple degrees, quality assurance, students’ participation and any other aspect useful for the design of the eMEDia master course.
If you are interested in sharing your experience, send your good practice using our template in addition to a brief bio and any other information you’d like to share with us to info[at] We look forward hearing from you!

What do I get out of it?
We do not offer pay per post positions. You will have the benefit of being included in our catalogue of good practice and of being linked from your article to your website. Most importantly, you will have the joy of sharing aspects of your journalism practice and culture with the community and to inform the design of the eMEDia Master course in Cross-Media journalism.

Editor Approval: Will my article be published as submitted? 
After your submission and editorial approval, we will run a quick spell check and ask any questions that eventually stand out, but for the most part your article will be published as submitted. You are responsible for the flow and final content of your article. Once your article is approved it will be published in the appropriate category of the eMEDia catalogue of good practices.

Format Guidelines 
Contributions should be submitted as MS Word doc files usign the format guidelines:
Download the format guideline [MS Word doc]  [PDF]