Social Media as a Journalistic Tool

Auli Harju, Researcher, School of Communication, Media and Theatre, University of Tampere, Finland

Outline of the presentation

The presentation will discuss journalism in the era of social media. The Internet and social media have created a new media ecology, more social and fluid, with different practices related to audience participation and collaboration that also engage in the processes of journalistic work. Journalism and social media interact and overlap in many ways. This shift affects journalists and should be taken into account in training journalists. We will also take a closer look at Twitter as a social media tool in a workshop exercise. In the presentation the following themes will be discussed:

  • News Journalism in the Net
  • The Journalists and their Audiences: Skills and Practices
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
  • Information Gathering in the Net
  • Twitter as a Tool for Journalists

Recommended readings

Ansgard Heinrich (2012) FOREIGN REPORTING IN THE SPHERE OF NETWORK JOURNALISM, Journalism Practice, 6:5-6, 766-775

Noppari, Heinonen & Vainikka (2014) Critical but co-operative – Netizens evaluating journalists in social media. Observatorio (OBS*) Journal, vol.8 – nº4 (2014), 001-016

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About the Speaker

Auli Harju is Researcher in Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication (COMET) at the University of Tampere. Her research interests include data journalism, citizen participation and civic activism. She has been teaching social media skills for journalism students at the University of Tampere and also for high school teachers as continuing education courses.