Team members

Project Coordinator
Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED, Italy (m.scalisi[AT]

Technical Coordination: 
Cristina Stefanelli, UNIMED, Italy (stefanelli[AT]
Financial Coordination: 
Silvia Marchionne, UNIMED, Italy (s.marchionne[AT]

Local Coordinators

UTA, University of Tampere, Finland
Tuomo Melasuo, Research Director (tuomo.melasuo[AT]

Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, Italy
Andrea Miconi, Professor (andrea.miconi[AT]

UB, University of Barcelona, Spain
Lydia Sánchez, Professor (lsanchezg[AT]

University of Sousse, Tunisia
Moncef Ben Abdeljelil, Dean of the faculty of Arts and Humanities (ba_moncef[AT]

University of Sfax, Tunisia
Abdelwahed Mokni, Vice President, University of Sfax, Tunisia (wahidmoknis[AT]]

University of La Manouba, IPSI, Tunisia
Moncef Ayari, Director of IPSI (ayarimoncef2009[AT]

Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Technologies of information and communication, Tunisia
Rafrafi Saida, Project Officer (coopint2[AT]

SNJT, Sfax Section of National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists, Tunisia
Mohamed Sami Kechaou, Journalist, Responsible for External Relation (Medsami.kechaou[AT]

Master Course Coordinators
Moncef Ben Abdeljelil, Dean of the faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sousse, Tunisia (ba_moncef[AT]
Abdelwahed Mokni, Vice President, University of Sfax, Tunisia (wahidmoknis[AT]]
Hela Ben Ali, Head of Journalism Department, IPSI, University La Manouba, Tunisia (benalihela[AT]

Scientific Committee
(alphabetical order)
Moncef Ben Abdeljelil, University of Sousse, Tunisa
Moncef Ayari, IPSI, Tunisia
Hela Ben Ali, IPSI, Tunisia
Ourida Boussada, IPSI, Tunisia
Gianni Canova, IULM, Italy
Brahim Chebbi, IPSI, Tunisia
Amar Dhaya, IPSI, Tunisia
Mari Angels García, UB, Spain
Hafedh Ghabri, University of Sousse, Tunisa
Sadok Hammami, IPSI, Tunisia
Tuomo Melasuo, UTA, Finland
Moez Ben Messaoud, IPSI, Tunisia
Andrea Miconi, IULM, Italy
Abdelwahed Mokni, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Hamida El Bour, IPSI, Tunisia (until Feb 2015)
Heikki Heikkilä, UTA, Finland
Heikki Luostarinen, UTA, Finland (on research leave from June 2014)
Franco Rizzi, UNIMED, Italy
Noureddine Sabri, University of Sousse, Tunisa
Lydia Sánchez, UB, Spain